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iTrainer 5.02

iTrainer 5.02


Model#: STE087200000


Assembled Size: 1050 x 1330 x 2100mm


1. Funcitonal Training: Build a strong core; improve balance, stability and coordination.  For user of all sizes.
2. Two Independent High Precision Cast Iron Weight Stacks (160lbs or 72.7kgs on each side)
3. Compact footprint, Space-efficient design makes the iTrainer  easy to incorporate into your home
4. User-friendly adjustments
5. Fully concealed weight stacks
6. Integrated bar allows for back,ab work-outs and chin ups
7. Smooth and Sturady
8. Easy to install - User can sasily enter and exit machine
9. Allows for progressive exercise training-user can progress from training with the bench to training with a stability ball to standing/unstabilized training
10.Frame - Electrostatic Powder-coating for added durability
11.Instructional placard - instructional DVD of specific exercises
12.20 key exercises are illustrated for quick reference
13.Added height and chin-up bars for efficient chinning exercise.
14.Versatile accessory holder to hold all your training accessories on both sides.
15.The iTrainer is the only machine out there using Internet technology to enhance your training.  Download a workout by Clark Bartram.  Put it on your Ipod compatible video mp3/4 player, and follow along as Clark motivates you to act.
16.Accessories: 1 Ankle strap, 1 hand strap, 2 D-ring hand grips, instructional DVD, and Poster.  Other bars for illustration purpose only.


Packing details:

iTrainer 5.02 with 2 x 72kgs weight stand
1-2 of 12  N.W.: 2 x 27.5kg, G.W.: 2 x 30.5kg
Carton size: 1934 x 1120 x 225mm
2-6 of 12  N.W.: 5 x 14.5kg, G.W.: 5 x 15.5kg
Carton size: 409 x 140 x 123mm
7-12 of 12 N.W.: 5 x 14.5kg, G.W.: 5 x 15.5kg
Carton size: 289 x 140 x 123mm

Loading Qty: 45sets/20'FCL, 90sets/40'FCL


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